Posted by: Shireen | December 6, 2008

Playing house

We moved into our new place on Tuesday. It is soooooo good to call somewhere home. Already, it feels like things are getting better. I didn’t realise how yuck it was living in the land of temporary housing and how lovely it is to have our own space that we can make into home. Unpacking the boxes and finding all our lovely things was like greeting old friends. The books aren’t unpacked yet because we are waiting for the shelves, but I can’t wait to get into those boxes. Once the books are out and sitting on the shelves, I will feel like we have really arrived!
We made our final trip to Ikea! Yay! I have been to that place so many times now, I think I know the entire layout by heart. Not that we don’t love the opportunity to be herded around the showroom like little shopping cows all in the name of well priced furniture, but you know, there is a limit to the number of Saturdays a girl can spend in that place! (On a side note, though, I have to say that this morning, we were served by a fabulous guy who sorted all our delivery out for us and helped us out so much. So Swiss of him. Customer service here is awesome!)
Furniture has been carefully chosen and ordered and it will all arrive in the middle of January. So when we come home from Toronto and NY for the holidays, we can look forward to parts of our living room, dining room and bedroom arriving. How fun!

I am quite excited about turning this apartment into a home for me and F.


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