Posted by: Shireen | November 26, 2008

Orion and me

I stayed late at school today and by the time I left, the sun had gone down and it was pretty dark.  I mean really dark, by the time I was walking home.  And guess what? I could see the stars!  Not even just a few; like loads of them.  It wasn’t like you see in the city either, when you can just see some of the bigger stars and the little ones don’t show up because the city lights are too bright.  I could see all the stars, even the little itty, bitty ones and you know, it was so pretty.

When I was working in London, we used to take the children in Year 6 on a residential trip to the countryside.  The best part for me was when we took the children on a night hike through the farm fields and the forest and watching the children look up into the sky and see all those stars in the sky.  Most of them had never seen the stars so bright because most of them had never really been away from East London.  The looks on their faces and the sighs of amazement were just so great that it made up for the fact that I never got more than three hours of sleep a night for the entire trip!

It felt like that today, and I guess I felt grateful that I will get to see that every day here.

If anyone reading this has a spare plane, I know some kids in London who would love a ride to Switzerland to see the stars 😉  We will carbon offset of course!

P.S. I have decided that I will learn to snowboard. Yikes!  But how cool does that sound?



  1. That’s such a beautiful metaphor – yes the sun goes down, but only because so we get the see the stars 🙂

    Someone we get to bogged down by the lack of sunshine we forget that there is stars out there.

    Thanks for sharing! x

  2. * Sometimes

    Oops., teacher!

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