Posted by: Shireen | November 17, 2008

My happy place

My happy place is Spittalfields market in London.  It has the perfect mix of people, a good lack of west end chain shops, lots of vintage and one of a kind clothing, new designers just starting out, hand made bags, jewellery, clothes, and lots of brown rice and veggie food.  Yum!

Even though it was raining on Sunday morning (actually a dirty London drizzle) and the exact tube lines that we needed to used were shut down for “scheduled engineering works”, we went to my favourite market in London.  I was so happy, I thought I might burst.  The vibe was awesome.  London just has this way of having a place for all sorts of people, with all sorts of lifestyles.  You can just be who you want to be in London and that is why it is home for me.  Especially in places like Spittalfields.  It is so squeaky clean here in Switzerland and London just has that right amount of grime and grit to make it cool.

By the way, we were in London for just 2.5 days and managed to go to Nandos twice.  Now that is dedication!


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