Posted by: Shireen | November 6, 2008

Finally home

Hey there ladies and gentlemen,

We have a home!  Yay!  We found out a while ago that there was about an 80% chance that the girl who is really the tennant in this house may be coming to Switzerland after all.  Bum, I know.  But it is okay because we started looking right away for a new place and came across quite a nice place in Nyon which is the town next to this one.  It is a ten minute walk from the train station and trains are much more frequent than from Rolle, which is great news for us.  So we move in on December 2nd.

There are four bedrooms (goodness knows what we are supposed to put in there!  But one will be my closet, I am calling it from now!), a nice open plan kitchen and a light and airy living room.  There are lots of windows, which I love.  It is just the right size for us, as Goldilocks would say.  There is a terasse that stretches the length of the apartment. Woohoo! Finally, space for a barbeque!

The style is more modern than this beautiful house, but in a nice way.  Hey, there is a glass elevator, I almost forgot to tell you!  I am sad to leave this place, but we have noticed a few things that we will not be sad to leave.  It is so echoey – you can hear a whisper from one end of the house to the other.  Not a good plan if we have visitors 😉  And it is so huge that we would really need to buy lots of furniture to make it look like home and to be honest, I don’t really think we are going to spend forever in Switzerland, so it wouldn’t really be worth all the money to furnish.  I would rather take that money travelling!

So off to the new place it is, and I am so much looking forward to meeting all our lovely books and kitchen wares that have been hiding in boxes for the last three months.  It is going to be a great reunion!

We have loads of room as you just read, so we are opening the doors to all of you from the end of January!  If you are in the area (or not), please come by – I will make banana bread.  Or cookies.  That is a promise.

p.s. Yay for Obama!  So excited!


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