Posted by: Shireen | October 25, 2008

Conversations with Pigeons aka Perfect Portugal

Sintra, originally uploaded by shireenbee.

Portugal was a dream.
We had so much fun, discovered a deserted beach, found a castle on a hill, saw a lady talking to pigeons, walked on street paved with mosaics, climbed to the roof of the city and found a man with a guitar up there, got lost near the docks, found beauty in miles of graffitti, spent precious time together, talked for hours, shopped, had our hotel room upgraded to fabulous, stayed in an freezing cold apartment belonging to Mr Antonio, chilled out, got stuck in the rain, got a tan, got scared by dogs, ate lunch at a Tibetan Buddhist centre, read so many books and Vanity Fair magazine, checked out bohemian Lisbon and found some secret restaurants, took a tram ride all the way up to the top, got stuck in a tram traffic jam and watched French children playing Rock, Paper Scissors.
I loved the whole thing. I even felt like greeting the pigeons too!


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