Posted by: Shireen | October 25, 2008


Yes, I am welcoming 30 with open arms.  It is welcome to come in and stay for tea.  I will even offer it some home made chocolate chip cookies.   And that is because I have have so enjoyed the journey so far.

So I can’t wait for the the next decade to begin.  I am sure more excitement is in store.

That is all.

And I got a new Netbook from F.  It is so small and cute and the perfect size for me.  I am in love with it.  Also pretty pearl earings.  Thank you F x  I am also in love with you, btw 😉



  1. great post. Like the part about lovin F especially.

    Love you too.

    You forgot to mention you were serenaded by the Portuguese customs officers and given an emotional (by Swiss standards) Happy Birthday by the Swiss customs officials 😉

  2. AWE! i love you!

    i’m back home and therefore catching up on all the posts i’ve missed!

    i love this one. this is why you and i get each other so well – we think the same. why fret about getting older when all it means is that you get to have even more adventures.

    oh…and i also like the part about loving F 😉

    miss you both too much!

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