Posted by: Shireen | October 16, 2008

15 minutes at Clapham Junction

I just came back from a visit to London.  Man, I miss that place.

I was staying at a friend’s place.  Remember S from the Nandos episode?  Well, I took the train to Clapham Junction and was trying to exit the station to take the number 87 bus to her place.  As I stepped off the train, a man ran up to a woman and her friend, roared in her face, shoved her and ran off.  The woman, was slightly startled, but shrugged her shoulders and just got on her train.  I think I was more shocked than her!

Then as I stood in line to pay for my Marks and Spencer’s vegetarian sushi and some fresh fruit salad, a man ran into the store, grabbed a bottle of wine and ran out of the store shouting, “Can I get a receipt for that?” as he pushed past the slightly plump and unfit security guard.

And all that within the first twelve minute of stepping out at Clapham.  I took a deep breath of polluted London air and thought about how good it was to be back in the maddness that is London.

Okay, obviously, that is not the London that I miss.  But at least something was happening there.  I miss the buzz, the crowds, the atmosphere of being in a place where stuff is happening.  I do like Switzerland, but things just happen at a much slower pace here, and everyone is just so normal and nice, which of course can be a good thing, but at the moment, I just want to feel like I am in the middle of something exciting, gritty and vibrant.  And that is just how it feels to be in London.



  1. After a year in Toronto, I’m lmoving back to the UK. Being in close proximity to the buzz of London is definately one the things I’m looking forward to!

  2. (oops, typo on the ‘moving’!)

  3. (…and on the ‘definitely) 😀

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