Posted by: Shireen | October 8, 2008

The Mother Daughter dance

My mum came to visit us.  It was lovely to have her here in our house, to catch up on the last few crazy months, to share some good food,  give us some reflexology and she was here to help us pick our new apartment (yes, we are moving, but I am not as devastated as I thought I would be!  More later.)  But my mum and I are more alike than we like to admit.  She drives me nuts and I drive her nuts.  So it always takes us a while to find our groove.   But as nutty as we drive each other, that is how much I love her too, even though I am sure I don’t say it as much as I should! And I always feel sad when she goes.  So there is my cheesy moment for the day.

On the first weekend we went to a little chocolaterie in Bougy-Villars called Tristan.  Supposedly they make the best chocolates in Vaud.  Yum. There is also a pretty view from up there, even though the mountains were hiding that day.

Just after some yummy chocolate!

Just after some yummy chocolate!


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