Posted by: Shireen | September 29, 2008

Tiramisu at De Luca

Seeing the sites in Rome was great, but one of my best experiences was at a little tratoria in Trastevere called De Luca.  It was tricky to find and even though it looked like it was on an abandonned street, I made F at least come look at it before writing it off.

It was tiny, but they welcomed us in and sat us behind a large local family who was celebrating a birthday.  The menu was very simple and we had either fish, chicken or steak to choose from.  We ordered the house wine too which came decanted in a jug with two delicate wine glasses (I am sure Europeans are horrified with the huge wine glasses that we use in London and North America!)

The family behind us got louder as the night went on, and by the time the restaurant turned the lights off to light the birthday candles, the entire room ws singing happy birthday, including us!  F wanted to order tiramisu at the end of the meal, but since it was near closing time, there was none left.  F was a bit sad, because here we were in the land of tiramusu and there was none left to try!  As if by magic, a plate of the great dessert appeared on the table in front of him!  The family had ordered a huge teramisu for the birthday girl and was sharing it with the entire restaurant.  Not just that, they were sharing the champagne too!

I love Rome!!


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