Posted by: Shireen | September 24, 2008

The gelato in Rome

Hey all,

Haven’t written in a while because the fabulous F and I went to Rome!  We had a long weekend here in Vaud (the canton where we live) and we decided to make the most of it!

Rome was beautiful – and I had the most amazing time!  We got there Friday night and after a ride from a very grumpy taxi driver we found ourselves in a quaint little hotel near the Station Termini.  It was the best place to stay since the transportation all over the city connects there.  Rome is not as huge and sprawling as I thought and not overwhelming at all.  Only two metro lines and buses for the rest of your trips.  In fact it was a very walkable city – which you know I love!

The tourist stuff (Colleseum, Pantheon etc) was pretty fantastic too, despite the insane amount of tourists in those areas.  In fact, the tourists themselves were really quite funny to watch – where on earth do these people come from?  They are just so loud and annoying!  Do I really want to hear all about how the eyes of Jesus on the tapestry follow you no matter what direction you turn?  Or, as F overheard, the lady next to us exclaim that the Vatican Museum reminded her of the Rosebowl!?  Not particularly.

The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps

Of course we went to Vatican City and saw the Sistine Chapel.  Quite amazing really except it took us ages to get to the actual chapel, since we had to walk though miles and miles of the Vatican Museum before they actually lead you to the masterpiece itself.  We didn’t even take a tour (not for lack of being offered them – tourguides practically bombard you the minute you get out of the metro!) but the museum is organised in such a way, that it takes you round all the exhibits until you finally get to what you came to see in the first place.  Not that I mind museums, its just that when you have to see Rome in three days, you have only time for the highlights.  The Chapel is beautiful, though.  No pictures allowed, so you will have to go see it for yourself one day.

I loved the old town, Trastevere, though.  The cobbled street with restaurants, cafes, bars and tratorrias were so pretty.  My favourite thing about travelling is just walking around and discovering a new place and Rome was perfect for that.  Someone at school told me that Rome was a really romantic city.  I am not really into cheesy romatic stuff, but I have to say – she was right.  Rome is sooo romantic!  The atmostphere is so unique.  Busy and bustling like a city should be, but yet chilled out and laid back at the same time.  The perfect combination…and we had long lunches and lots of wine with dinner and just enjoyed the sunshine and the people watching.  We actually had time to talk to each other – and not just about the house and jobs and what box to find the chopping board in and where did the packer put the pillow case, but real chats where you learn a little bit more about a person, even though you thought you knew them inside out.

The Colleseum!!

The Colleseum!!

But just one thing – we still think that the gelato here in Nyon (next town along the coast from us) is still the best and the tiramisu at Brocca in West Hampstead, London is still better than any of the ones we tasted in Rome!  And that comes from my own personal dessert expert (Yes, its you, F)!!



  1. Mmmmm Brocca Tiramisu… nice sunglasses.

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