Posted by: Shireen | September 11, 2008

How it all got better again

Yesterday I was feeling very grumpy.  I vented to F after school, but hated that I brought my grumpiness home.  I was annoyed for a whole bunch of reasons:

  • I don’t have enough resources to teach Science and if you don’t do exciting things in the beginning, the kids just turn off.  I need to make an errupting volcano and chocolate honeycomb to show reversible and irreversible changes, but we don’t even have a stove yet.
  • The children’s playground is STILL not finished and so the kids have nothing to do at recess/playtime except mess around.  Then we have to make them sit out.  Then they feel sad and we feel bad.  And it is really only because we have not yet purchased balls, skipping ropes and hoops for the children to play with while the playground is being finished.  If you are seven years old and you have nothing to play with, you are bound to get in trouble, even if you don’t mean to.
  • The paper cutter broke.  Teachers will know how important paper cutters are.
  • The blue tack ran out last week and we are still waiting for more.  See above previous point.

Today, as I was walking to school I decided that I needed to love this school just like I loved the last one.  I made up my mind to turn all that negativity from yesterday around.  And it actually worked.  Lots of lovely things happened today:

  • One of the children, let’s call him S, who had been hard to get to know told his mum that I was his favourite teacher ever!  From the way he acts I would never have guessed.  He is quiet and sometimes quite grumpy and it takes a while for him to thaw out everyday.  I do manage it, but it does take a lot of energy.  Anyway – I guess it is working.  And today, he brought me his favourite Swedish chocolate bar to taste.  Cool.
  • I had a Circle Time with my large class of seven children.  They were fabulous about the whole playtime situation and we decided to become Playground Mediators. They said they would take turns to help the younger children at playtime.  We even made a little skit to do at assembly tomorrow to start the whole thing off.  Those of you at Hermitage will know that I love to do assemblies with the children!
  • The children also said that they loved their class this year and hoped that no more children join our class because they like it best with this little group!  I love that they have gelled so well together.  I worked hard at it last week and skipped the academics in favour of lots of getting to know you games and Circle Times.  Glad I did it.
  • I made friends with little B in the playground.  He is a little terror, but such a beautiful kid.  After giving him a time out for throwing rocks, I bent down and asked him if he was having a difficult day.  He squatted down on the ground and put his chin in his hands and admitted yes, he was.  And then declared that he was going to stay with me, gave me a huge hug, held my hand for the whole of playtime and told me all about his house in London.  No more getting into trouble!
  • After school, the twins’ mum brough me a basket of plums from their garden!  She said that the girls had climbed the tree to pick them yesterday because they wanted to give them to me.  They were so sweet!  (the plums and the girls)
  • I work with a bunch of commited teachers who want to make this place fabulous and that is something to appreciate for sure

Once again, I remember why I love my job.  And I bought some blue tack after school.  So I guess I’ll stay after all 🙂



  1. Ya Ali Madad Shireen,

    I was so emotional reading and I want to tell you again what a lovely person you are and you were made to be a teacher and a leader. I know from being a mum how important teachers are in children’s lives especially in partnership with parents. Today I owe it to the the wonderful teachers like you who have made a such a positive learning experience for them that even at University they still love learning. God Bless you!

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