Posted by: Shireen | September 8, 2008

A bit of news about everything

Some stuff that has happened:

  • We are now connected to the Internet.  Yay!  No more sitting in the little cafe on Grande Rue.  Not that it was that bad, but it is much nicer to be sitting at home.  Well, at least in the house that we would like to be home (see the previous posts)  which leads to the next point…
  • We now have a phone line connected! We have a sofa, a bed, a TV and a TV stand just delivered today from our favourite store, Ikea.
  • I have a cell phone now – it is pay-as-you-go, but it is still a phone, finally!

School is great!  Getting used to my new kids and trying not to think of the old ones that I love so much.  The class is a really interesting bunch, though.  I have twin sisters from Germany, who have been living for the last three years in Copenhagen, I have a boy and two girls from the US, but the girls have been in Switzerland for at least three years.  There is one boy from Sweden and finally one Swiss girl, who has lived in Belgium for the first three years of her life.  Pretty cool, hey?

And they are not the snobby rich kids I thought they were going to be.  In fact, they are quite nice kids.  They have moved schools often because they have to move every time their parents get a new placement in a new country.  Yes, they are quite well off….I mean, they are in a private school in Switzerland, but in a way, they are lacking the roots that the kids in London had.  My kids in London had lived in their area for their whole lives and had lots of extended family and friends to depend on, even though they had lots of other disadvantages to deal with.  These kids have everything they need in the world except their extended family to depend on.  They have left all their friends behind in each country they have left.  So in a funny way, they also need school to be a secure place and need a little bit of TLC every now and then too, just like my old kids!

Having seven kids is a dream, though, in terms of marking their books, getting time to talk and share ideas and in terms of the attention they get from me.  But, I have to say I miss the buzz of a busy classroom and the ideas and creativity of a large group of children.  I haven’t had enough time to make these kids crazy and fun yet…but I soon will 🙂



  1. Shireen , was on the web thought id look you up. WHAT AMAZING STUFF YOU HAVE BEEN UP TO !
    your sourly missed ! hope you and Farhan take lots of care .

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