Posted by: Shireen | August 31, 2008

Not just any old Manic Monday

This Monday is special because I am going to meet the seven children who are going to be in my Year 5/6 class! Last week was fantastic because I saw the school being built from a flat piece of cleared vineyard, to a real school. And not just any old school, a small, but really attractive, colourful, exciting school. There are four buildings that make up the school; one for Year 1 and 2, one for Foundation Stage, one for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 and one for the hall and office and head teacher’s room. If I had any doubts before that this school would be ready, I don’t now! It was a bit crazy this week, trying to set up the classroom while building was still going on outside and furniture was still arriving, but somehow it got done. All six teachers and the head teacher were hard at work in their classes while the builders created a school around us.

I have to say, though, I really miss Hermitage (my old school) because I had so many people to help me create my classroom environment, and with those people came lots of great ideas and support. For the last six years, I have been at a school where everyone helps everyone else put up displays and get the class ready for the kids to come in. Last week, I was on my own to do all of that – and the thing I missed the most was the company I had in the class. At Hermitage, I had a teaching assistant, an EMA support teacher and the teacher of the next class just on the other side of class dividers. Here, I have just me – and I think that I was going a little stir crazy being on my own in the classroom for most of the week. I will miss team teaching for sure. I think it really brings a great atmosphere to the class and it is good for the children to see different personalities and how they all work as a team, bouncing ideas of one another. I have been lucky, though, I have had only fantastic people working with me in my class and they have made the environment even more vibrant.

So this Monday, I am looking forward to sharing the space that I have created for my new kiddies and bringing all the energy that I am used to at Hermitage to my classroom here in Switzerland.

p.s. Still no phone! That means I am still at the little cafe on Grande Rue (which is not really as large as it sounds) drinking thé de menthe and accessing the free wifi here.  So, sorry for the lack of personal emails…


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