Posted by: Shireen | August 26, 2008

Small Towns

You know, I didn’t think that I would like this town because it is so small.  It is literally one high street with about 5 bakeries, three coffee shops, and some other little boutiques.  It  takes about 6 minutes to walk from one end to the other.  All the residential streets branch off this one high street.  The whole town is tiny, so I thought it would be a bit boring.

Well, I am not bored yet…which is good news.  But the thing that I love the best about this place is how nice and friendly everyone is.  You hardly pass a person on the street without them saying bonjour or at least nodding their head.  It is just what they do here.  The kids in the downstairs apartment are always playing outside (in the front and the back garden) and their door is always open.  I don’t always see the mum, but she obviously feels perfectly safe leaving the kids to their own devices outside while she is inside.  It is just so nice to let your guard down.  You don’t have to make sure your purse is zipped all the time, you can leave the door without locking it and even leave the windows open a bit while you are out.  What a change! And I really like it – being able to smile at the person beside me!



  1. you’re making me miss Switzerland!

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