Posted by: Shireen | August 20, 2008

Actually, it’s not just our decision….

Our decision: Well, we crunched the numbers (and when I say we, I mean F and his spreadsheet), and found that we could afford it (just about) if we live in the big beautiful house. We have made our decision, but that is not all that has to happen.  Now we just have to wait and see if the girl who has the lease will still come to Switzerland after all. We just have to wait and see if it is meant to be ours….

In other news, I talked to my new head teacher today. She gave me directions to where the temporary school is being set up. Get this – they have cleared vineyards to build the school. So basically the whole school will be surrounded by beautiful vineyard in each direction. When I went running this morning, I ran to the exact area and I just could not believe my eyes! It is on a bit of hill, facing the lake and it just sits in the middle of lines and lines of grape vines. It really is the prettiest place ever and I can hardly believe that I will be working in such amazing surroundings. Not only that, I will only have 10 students in my class, so hopefully that means a little less marking at the end of the day and a little bit more time to chill out in this fantastic place.

Love the shopping here.  We went to the market on Saturday and bought loads of veggies and it was really cheap.  All the stalls are run by people and families who have farms in this area.  So this means super fresh food.  That night, F asked me if the carrots we were eating felt extra crunchy to me too.  Nope, that is just what fresh food tastes like – we just haven’t ever had it that fresh before!  I think we will be eating at home more than we used to in London, cuz eating out here takes quite long – you have to make an evening of it.  No Nandos here!  I will have to peri peri my own chicken!  Anyway, with all that fresh food on our doorstep, why wouldn’t we learn to cook with it?  And finally F is going to get the barbeque that he has been wanting 🙂

I am off to find out about the gym and to do lots of praying and putting intentions out into the universe (as a special person I know likes to say) that the house we love will be ours. If you like, could you do the same, since you will be coming to visit and trust me, you want to come to the pretty house J

Oh yeah, and I am going to put some pictures of this place up soon….



  1. Sending a million good intentions/wishes out into the universe that you and F get to keep living in the beautiful house!

  2. Good luck on getting the house!!

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