Posted by: Shireen | August 13, 2008

Cutlery from Nandos

Yes, we stole cutlery from Nandos (well, technically, it was our friend, let’s call her S).  But it was only because we were desperate!  How was I to eat my yoghurt with sunflower seeds and raisins in the morning without a spoon?  Thank goodness S came to the rescue.  Without her, there would have been no breakfast!

So, the movers came on Monday and they packed everything so fast (including the cutlery)….I will never go back to packing myself.  I have to have movers from now on.  They made it look so smooth and easy.  They had all the supplies (newsprint for wrapping, bubble wrap, boxes that weren’t collected from the local super market and even tape with their logo printed all over it!)  It was heaven!  And now, I am sitting in a practically empty apartment…well, aside from the cutlery and a few stray books.  We are officially living out of suitcases now….

Lots of things about London annoy me, like the dirt that gets up you nose on the Underground, the separate hot and cold taps, the showers with no pressure, the limescale in the water, the weather….

But there are so many more things that I love that make me forget all of that.  The Tube that takes me everywhere I need to go, my Oyster card, the kids in my school, our perfect little apartment in a converted Victorian house, the first teeshirt day of the year when everyone in London is so happy to see the sun and is in a good mood, the parks, the Heath, Borough Market, the cafes in West Hampstead, X Factor, our amazing friends, St Christopher’ Place, Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden, the daffodils in Spring, the grass that always stays green because of all the rain, the buzz in Central London even when it is late at night, plays at Riverside Studios, the Southbank, Amanos, picnics with Marks and Spencer’s food, Peppercorns Organic Shop, Spittalfields and the list is endless….these are all the things that make me sad to leave London.

I am sure I’ll find that many things to love about Lausanne, but it will never take the space of London.

Til next time…when we will hopefully have figured out how to go grocery shopping, set up a cell phone account and all that.

And by then, I might have seen my new school and found the flat we will move into in September and can tell you about that too!



  1. Well S is clearly a great friend who understands your yogurt needs!

    Don’t think they make them like S in Switzerland though…just thought I should point that out!

    MWAH!!!!!!! xxx

  2. Hi Bees well chosen name! You and your hubby are very missed in London, even though we haven’t met in person yet!

    Hope you’ll enjoy your new adventure and look forward to your (and F’s) updates!

    (yes I have 2 Nando’s plates at my place as well and swear to God someone brought that over!)


  3. so glad you got the blog going and it looks like you’re gonna keep it up 🙂

    can’t wait to see the new place – we’re looking too and its so hard to find a 10/10

    i’m so excited for both of you!!

  4. Thanks for alerting us to the theft. We will find you. You can not hide.

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