Posted by: Shireen | July 30, 2008

Goodbye London!

After 6 years in London, I am saying goodbye to my favourite city.  No matter where I go in the world, I am sure that I will always call London home.  There is something about London that makes me feel like I belong here, even though my mum, two dads and brother are far away in Toronto! I love my school here in Wapping, East London where I have been teaching for five and a half years and have had the privilege of teaching such amazing children – it was much harder than I expected to leave.

F and I have been living in the fabulous area of West Hampstead in London and we love it!  It is our perfect neighbourhood! But last year, we began to think about going somewhere new for a little adventure.  After all, London will always be here to come back to.  Right after the words had left our lips, F’s job offered an opportunity we could not refuse!  Two to three years in Switzerland means that we can pay off our loans for our undergrads and our masters degrees – yay!  And of course we would be doing all that surrounded by the Swiss and French Alps and on the coast of Lake Leman!  How could we say no? After visiting just once, I was sold!  The place is so beautiful and after 6 years of rushing around London, I can’t wait to get out there.

Now, the question of skiing.  Yes, I will have to learn.  I realise I said that I would never do it, but I am having to eat my words.  How can I live in Switzerland and not ski?  You lovely readers will have the pleasure of following me on my quest to ski gracefully down the Swiss Alps…watch out for quite hilarious pictures of that!  But I am not just excited about skiing; I can’t wait to go hiking and yes, I promise to learn to ride a bike too.  And we can even swim in the lake….so excited!


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